Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two years agos I made the decision to move to a country I knew nothing about. I taught English as a second language in Southeast Asia for one year. Even though I did my fair share of research about South Korea, there's only so much you can learn through the computer as opposed to personal interactions and real life experiences. That year of my life opened my eyes to many things, but most of all it manifested a strong desire to see the world. The start of my wanderlust began before I moved; I had always known that I wanted to immerse myself in different cultures outside of my own. I was set on at least studying abroad for a semester during college, but because of finances I was unable to. I told myself I would not let that hold me back, and so, that lead me to find a way to work and live in a foreign country. To me travel is a passion, a hobby, and a career for many, but most of all it is a  place where we can learn and grow as individuals, and appreciate wherever it is we call home.